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-Welcome to the Depaul University Food Not Bombs Webpage-

Depaul Food Not Bombs is an organization run primarily by Depaul University students centered around the north side of Chicago. Like other Food Not Bombs groups our primary concern is serving vegan food to the homeless in our area, but we also hope to engage in other activities, primarily serving food at political functions, and helping to raise awareness of the homeless situation in our society for those we go to school with, and for our community in general.


Hopefully you have questions about Food Not Bombs, and hopefully they can be answered here. Just click on a question to find an answer-

What is Food Not Bombs?

Why is it called Food Not Bombs?

News about current events

Where are you located and how can I get in touch?

What happened at the last meeting?

The soapbox!

Are you people crazy?

Can I get a patch for my backpack?

The food not bombs message board!

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