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Semi-Structured Meeting Minutes

depaul food not bombs is back in action for the school year with new members, new food, and all the rock in the world!

first and foremost, we have a new serving location. since the pigs (or in this case, pig) kicked us off of the three corners park, we're serving across the street (HA!) at the corner or lincoln, fullerton, and halsted, by the depaul sign. this place is actually more fun as we get a nice little place to sit, and the depaul sign totally has a picture of mary on it and she's totally running. that's funny.

a good idea which has been brought up is to do a food not bombs thanksgiving. if anyone has any ideas for this, please get in contact.

we're also looking at possibly serving on two days a week, if more people wish to help out (hint, hint, to those of you reading this who are just sitting on your lazy asses...).

anyhoo... get in contact with megan not bombs and help us out!

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