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this election we have to choose between george w. (who is, in fact the antichrist) and al gore (who is in fact, very dull). so basically we have to choose between a compassionate conservative and a democrat who's spent the last 8 years pretending he's a republican.


but... we can, in fact, choose someone else.


ralph nader and winnona laduke ROCK! they support raising the minimum wage, ending corporate welfare, campaign finance reform, a woman's right to choose, and lots of other great stuff. i can't possibly do them justice here so you're just going to have to go check out nader's official website and see for yourself.

and don't worry about people who tell you that a vote from nader is just taking a vote away from gore. gore supports the death penalty, sanctions against cuba and iraq, the list goes on and on, and while i'd rather have him in the office than george w., that's not saying much.

speaking of, supposedly nader is speaking at the UIC pavilion on october 10th! check it out if you can!

february 17, 2000-

This is Megan and I want to tell everybody about a very important event
today. Herendira Tellez, a student at UNAM, the National Autonomous
University of Mexico in Mexico City, spoke to students, professors and
community members regarding UNAM's struggles with the Mexican government.

She went through the background info that our media does not convey:
The students have been striking since April 20, 1999. THey are challenging
the increase in tuition. This public University used to be and should be
free of charge. The students are protesting the influence of neoliberal
policies and globalization, both outside influences that have affected
their rights and the rights of working people across the globe. THe
students have six demands:

1) Free education, as stated in the Mexican COnstitution

2) Disolve the National Center of Evaluation (which with its standardized
testing does not take into account the cultural differences within each
region, especially regarding indigenous students)

3) Get rid of '97 reforms (which were made without student congress
approval: makes education less accessible, limits time students can study)

4) Banish the police presence on the campus which is stifling to a
learning environment

5) No punishment to the student leaders who are representing a silenced

6) FInally, the creation of a true dialogue (in which all except demand
#1--as it is necessary-- can be discussed).

On February 6th, in the early morning hours the PFP (Federal Preventative
Police) raided the campus. 200 students were detained, only 73
released. After the students attempted to dialogue with officials in a 12
hour meeting where no agreement was met, 700 more students were
detained. Altogether, there are 200 students still in jail with the threat
of physical violence and definitely the reality of psychological violence.

Now that classes are back in session should we listen to what NPR or the
New York Times has to say? That the only students left wanting to resist
are the "ultras", th radicals?

Herendira Tellez told us today that not only are the majority of students
interested in a democratic dialogue of the public issue of education. but
the majority of Mexican citicens are rallying around the detained, trying
to obtain their release.

When asked what we can do here, she responded that by supporting the
strikers' struggle through petitions, rallying outside of the Mexican
Consulate, and pressuring Mexican officials through letter-writing
campaigns, we can show our solidarity with the UNAM students. The Mexican
 Solidarity Network here in Chicago is the place to contact for more info,
drop off petitions, etc. Their contact info is:

free political prisoners!

this is for anyone who wants more information on UNAM since most publicity
on UNAM is not accurate...
please pass this on to anyone who is looking for accurate info on UNAM...
  Articles and Photos
   Pirate Radio KE-HUELGA:

     for comments or questions, write:

  Center for Campus Organizing
  165 Friend St., #1
Boston,MA 02114-2025


antonio prieto:

This information was sent to me from reliable sources, i urge all to please
take some time to read on UNAM and pass it on to all who are interested in


january 24, 2000-

much to his surprise, jello biafra was nominated for the green party presidential primary in new york state.  biafra... will be an official candidate in the march 7 election.  also on the ballot are consumer advocate ralph nader, stephen gaskin... and joel kovel, a doctor, peace activist, and college professor.

no stranger to politics, biafra ran against diane feinstein in the 1979 sanf francisco mayoral race where he finished in fourth place with over sixthousand votes.

biafra joined forces with other concerned musicians, including frank zappa, to combat the PMRC, an organization dedicated to forcing the de-facto censorship of musical lyrics.  Biafra locked horns with PMRC leader tipper gore twice on the oprah winfrey show.

jello biafra, a registered green party member in califronia for several years, has chosen mumia-abu-jamal (AMAZING!!)... as his vice presidential running mate.

for further information on the green party-
jello biafra-

and now...

-enactment of a maximum wage (yay!)
-payback through free healthcare, education, and public transportation.
-withdrawl of the us from NAFTA and the WTO.
-a moratorium or mandatory labeling of genetically engineered "frankenfood"
-end the war on drugs, disband the DEA, and commute the prison sentences of all small time drug offenders to "time served."
-abolish the military and CIA.  destroy our nuclear weapons.  'bout time.
-shift the united states government to parlimentary rule with proportional representaion and a sixty day limit on campaigns.
-allow taxpayers to determine exactly where their money goes
-citizen election of police officers
-legalization of squatting in abandoned buildings
-none of the above option on all ballots with which voters can force a new election
-the eradication of all SUV's.

this all rocks a little.

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